Thursday, 7 May 2015

Secret 7

Secret 7 has been running for four years now and I'm proud to say I've been involved in all of them. Except of course if it's been running for five or six years in which case I missed some.  But I'm pretty sure it's just been four.  This year I chose the Rolling Stones 'Dead Flowers' to inspire my sleeve artwork.  I'm not a big RS fan but I fucking love Townes Van Zandt's cover so I channeled that to come up with my sleeve.  I painted it in gouache, added some linework in Indian ink and finished up with some watercolours and an ink wash.

The exhibition was great as always, this year taking place in Somerset House.  My piece sold which is always a bit of a relief.  I've subsequently discovered it was bought by a Tory supporter.  It's nice to know they can occasionally channel some of their money into a charity event like Secret 7 now and again.  Does feel a bit dirty though.

The remaining sleeves are up for auction now on ebay.  GO GO GO!

Friday, 1 May 2015

'Sloth Bear' screenprint

My 'Sloth Bear' screenprint for the Puck Collective exhibition 'The Jungle Book Club' is available now in my shop here.  Each Puck Collective member illustrated a jungle animal for the exhibition which runs until June at the Book Club in Shoreditch and Stories on Broadway Market.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Puck Collective present the Jungle Book Club

Puck Collective have a brand new exhibition of work in the Book Club from the 16th of April.  You can find out more here and come along to the opening night.  In typical Puck fashion we will be running a number of jungle themed creative events throughout the duration of the exhibition including workshops, drawing events and games nights.  Each member has produced a new piece of work representing different jungle animals which will vary in size according to the relative size of each animal. More info on mine to follow.

You can also help out to fund the event via kickstarter here; we want to make it as amazing as possible and each donation is rewarded mightily.

I don't blog so much these days as I'm busy drawing and stuff but follow me on twitter (for inane music and film nonsense), instagram (for day-to-day photos and WIPs) and tumblr (for macabre inspiration and nudity).  If you want.  No presh.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

'Wolfroy and Emily' screenprint

I have a new screenprint available to buy in my shop titled 'Wolfroy and Emily'.  It's a four colour print in an edition of thirty.  More details here.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Cluster Puck prints for sale

You can buy all of the prints that feature in the Print Space exhibition Cluster Puck online here.  It's the only place you can buy my illustration 'The Deep' too; I was going to attempt to screen print it but decided it was a bit too tricky in terms of registration...

The exhibition runs until next Tuesday so there's still time to go.  Elliot from Puck has written a nice piece on the Print Club blog too.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cluster Puck at the Print Space

Puck Collective have a new exhibition of work at the Print Space.  The private view (which isn't in the least bit private...) is tonight so come along for beer and art.  A beautiful combination.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January Sale

I'm having a January sale in my online shop - use coupon code JANUARYBLUES for a 25% discount - in addition you'll get an original drawing too.  This whale is going out with the next order. GO!